English is a global language. It means that most persons all over the world use English as a mean of communication. Therefore, it's very important to study and comprehend English well, in order to make us easy in communicating especially to those foreigners or when we are in foreign countries. In addition, Some job vacancies require their applicants to have literate English. However, some people find it hard to speak English since it is not their mother tongue of course. As the result, some learners get lazy to study even surrender. 

Actually English is not so difficult as many people thought. If we can find the right method for ourselves, I am sure it will be so much fun and easy to learn English. It is a fun language to learn and even though it's considered accessible and relatively easy one to learn. I know that you'll say, "It is impossible to learn and master the English fast". But, I say this to tell you that it isn't, as long as you find the best way to learn it. 

The first thing you need to set in your mind is say this "I like English, I love it". Just that simple. I guarantee that you'll get easy in mastering something if you do love it. Then find some suitable methods. 

I like English since the first time I got acquainted with this language. Perhaps that's the main key for me to be easy in immersing it. Everything relates to English always attract my attention. I always feel curious about it. 

There are lots of reading materials printed in English. Don't sit at your doubt. Take them in your hands and read them. Why? This reading will full of juicy vocabularies of course, besides a fair amount you've already known,right? Don't read only but take some notes on the new vocabularies and expressions. It will enrich your vocabulary and help you in building up your sentences while you are speaking later. Maybe taking notes considered as classic way, but it really works. Not everything can stick longer since the first time, right?

What is a language for if it is not to communicate? So, speak up. Don't embarrassed to speak in English. Just ignore about the grammar rules if you don't really understand. You will never know whether you've produced a good or right English, if you never try it. You can start by talking a little English everyday and focus on your pronunciation also. Make a commitment that you have to speak at least one or two expressions in English daily. Train yourself to think in English and don't be afraid of making some mistakes. 

Speaking is the best way to learn a new language. In studying English, you can practice in front of a mirror. However, you must practice it also with the real human life. It is the effective strategy in improving your speaking skill. Besides, you can also use your social media to practice. Find friends to chat in English or a native if it is possible. And when you make some mistakes, don't shy. Laugh at it. Remember, mistake is part of learning too. But don't make it too often. Learn from your mistakes. 

In practicing, don't wait until you feel more comfortable. Push yourself outside your comfort zone. Be brave and confident. Don't give up if you feel that you are not making ground. Failure happens when you stop doing it. Stop saying, "I cannot do it or I will never get this". Let's say, "It's not always easy but it's worth. And I can do it". 

Well that is my point of view to get fluency in English. As far as I am concerned, speaking a language really helps it stick in your head instead of only reading or writing it. I found that many people understand English but cannot speak. It is absolutely useless. Just split it up aloud.

Remember, no language can be learned overnight and there is no magic fix. You have to make it as a habit and immerse it deeply. However, with some straightforward strategies and a dedicted attitude, it's entirely possible to be competent and conversational within a few months. Train and push yourself, and do not kick yourself when you are down. Come on pump your spirit up. Let's speak English now. 


Bandar Lampung, 9 February 2017

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  1. Like this : push yourself outside your comfort zone.

    Agree with Mbak Wid. Two thumbs for you, mbak Rika 👍👍😉😉

    1. I just share wht I've experienced in my learning previously. Btw...thanks a lot mba

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    1. Come on mbak. Pull more spirit. I'll string along with u

  3. Thus is great. Learning by doing, yes ka?