Travelling is one of my hobbies. Particularly by visiting and exploring the beauty of nature. It is amazing time when I can get united with the nature. Usually I do my travelling during my vacation time by visiting some places outside town. However in july 2015, I did my sudden holiday on lebaran day. It's not my habit to go on vacation without my family on lebaran day. I prefer to stick together with my big family on lebaran. But my friends asked me to join them to explore some seasides in Lampung.

I live in Lampung for years. Nonetheless, I seldom explore the places here since I prefer to do backpacker to other towns. Because I like travelling so much, then I said "yes". And we did it on the twenty fourth of july 2015. Our first destination was Tangkil Island in part of South Lampung. We cannot reach the island directly. We have to drop by at Mutun beach first then use the boat there to cross to Tangkil Island. 

After feasted our eyes around Mutun, we hired a boat to take us to Tangkil Island. It costs Rp. 12.500,- for each person. When we arrived there, we bought a ticket (@Rp. 10.000,-) to get into the Island. There are a lot of water playing facilities provided. At that time we decided to try banana boat first. It costs Rp. 35.000,- for each person.

Frankly, I was so afraid since I saw that some persons screamed histerically when they did it. Some even cried and looked frightening. In other hand, I was also curious. On that reason, I dared myself to join my friends got on the Banana boat. We put on our floating clothes before tasted the adventure to travel around the sea on the giant banana. 

The instructor gave us the instruction first. Then it began. I said,"bismillah". Wow...it was so amazing. We shouted loudly. Laughed aloud while kept our focus on the instruction given during the game. Unfortunatelly, we failed to interpret the last instruction. Then, the boat was upside down. Byuuurrr...we fell into the sea. It hurt since my head hit the boat as well as my friend's head. I was so panic and afraid. I could not breath well and It took me for a few minutes to come out of the sea. In my mind, I thought that it was my time. I would die. "Oh...no...ya Allah I want to see my patents. Don't take me now, please! I burst into tears. I prayed seriously. Alhamdulillah I could reach the surface and the instructor helped me to get on the boat again. 

All my friends looked afraid but also happy. Except me. I was so afraid at that time. Actually, we do not need to be panic or afraid since we wear the floating clothes. We will not sink. Nonetheless, it was my first time. Therefore I could not think logically. We were fallen by the instructor accidentally because it is the point of this game. They did it four times. And it really made me shock. When we finished the adventure, I said to my friends that I don't want to try that giant banana anymore. Never. However, all of them laughed aloud because of my ridiculous reaction when we were travelling on banana boat. They said, "it's so funny looking me so afraid and crying".


Bandar Lampung, 28 Februari 2017

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  1. What a fantastic experience!

    Two years ago, I also got my first try on banana boat. It was so fun, but I felt the same with you when my head hit other passengers.

    Actually, I do not want to try that anymore!

    Sorry for my bad grammar!

    1. Hahaaa...we share the same faith fadly.u are good at English, I think