Being a teacher is a lofty thing. It's an amazing occupation ever. How come? Teacher is a meaningful career that will allow you to be a meaningful person, a role model in your environment and you will get the most precious reward from God because of your useful knowledge transfered to others. Teachers have a calling to do something greater for their own life, better future, as well as to give the contribution in building the nation. 

A great teacher never thinks that it is a profession to get the benefit of his knowledge. To count down the hours left of each day in his teaching, go home and wait until a month to get the salary. It is more than that. A great teacher always thinks about the development of his students all the time. How to make them be more valuable and successful. For him, becoming a teacher is the chance to outlive his life, leave a lasting legacy in the world by providing love and support to students and keep his knowledge stay longer.

I love teaching because it allows me to make myself be more meaningful. There is such a satisfaction when I see that my students understand my explanation, when they show their satisfied faces and say "well I can catch the point, miss" or "thanks a lot for your help miss", and so on.  For me, it's a good achievement when I can make someone feel the benefit of my knowledge. Moreover if I can see all of my students reach their success later. It is totally amazing and I will cry to state my happiness for them then. 

Working with students (especially children), and getting together with them are kind of valuable moments in my life. It teaches me many valuable lessons about lives, people, and characters. So, what else might you want be a teacher? By becoming a teacher, I get to spend my career cultivating a love of learning in my students. I like to learn new things, and my students give me those things everyday. 

Teachers are the light of life who will always become the front line of changes. Who can make someone be a winner. Don't you see that all professions in the world are mostly caused by the role of teachers? Therefore, I love my profession and I love all my teachers. 


Bandar Lampung, 9 Maret 201

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