Sustenance is not always about getting a large amount of money or having abundant of materials. There are many things which can be considered as sustenance. Take as an example, a close (best) friend. Because of what? Because a best friend is someone who will always influence us in every kindness. A best friend is the one who will always be there everytime we need in any circumtances. He/ She will show and give his/her emphathy and sympathy towards our condition. A close friend makes friend with no repay, without any sakes as well as other things in the name of own benefit. He/She is someone who never asks for in return. He/She makes friend with all his/her heart and soul.

We can have a lot of friend of course, hundreds even thousands. However, it's really difficult to get one who has pure heart in building friend relationship. We need to be clever in choosing a friend and with whom we deal with. Becauase a friend will give significant effects towards our attitude and behaviour. For instance: if we make friends with those who like to spend the time uselessly, then we will get influenced gradually. Moreover if we often stick together with them. In  other hand, if we often gather together with those who like to do good things and perform the rules of religion, so we will be the same as them. Because ourself reflection can be seen through our friend, with whom we get associated and get together.

In an authentic hadith, the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: "A person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so look whom you befriend." (HR. Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidzi).

It can be stated firmly that a friend has a big influence upon his other friends. And choosing as well as picking a friend is such a serious thing indeed. Because he/she can give the effect on our point of view, character, habit, attitude, behaviour, and even someone's faith (religion). Therefore, Islam teaches us not to get wrong in choosing a friend. It does not mean that we are forbidden to have an association with those who are not in the same faith as ours. Islam also teaches us to respect and tolerate each other. Maintain a good relationship with them as long as they do the same thing. However, if they tend to ruin our faith and show no respect at all, we have to go away or even fight them.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW stated that someone will suit his close friend's habit. That is why, consider who will be your close friend (HR Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidzi, and Ahmad).

Be a good friend and you'll find the good ones in return for sure.


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