"Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today." Are you familiar with this sentence? Where have you ever seen it? Well, we often find it at the bottom part of SIDU writing book. This quotation was stated by Thomas Jefferson. If we can read between the lines and figure it out, then we will get an understanding that postponing is such kind a bad habit. Why? Because we have made something unfinished or completed. And perhaps we never start it. As the result it becomes something forgotten. That is all since we tend to be fond of the saying, "later" or "I still have a few days to accomplish it".

My friends, it's absolutely your right to delay something. However, it can be wrong when you make it as a habit. Remember, delaying isn't good. Moreover if it relates to a good thing. It will only make us be lazier.

Hasan Al-Basri's will noted that, "Don't you ever delay because you are today not tomorrow." It means that if we aren't alive for today, at least we'll not regret it since we've done what should be done. Postponing and laziness are the causes of regretful as well as loss. It is a bad habit which can be the hindrance of our success..

My friends, we know that there are many persons died and left a number of dreams which have failed to be realized. Once again, it's as the effect of saying "LATER"

Saying "later" is part of laziness and it's one of satan's ways in outwitting human. For instance: when we want to write, suddenly we say to ourself, "later". It's a form of wasting time. We pass the time with nothing useful.

We never know our time. We never know what will happen for tomorrow. And how if tomorrow never comes to us? It's a loss indeed. The habit of delaying will only make us get difficult to start. Come on...wake up and smell the coffee. Make your short life in this world be meaningful by producing a good thing every single day. Don't delay. If you a writer, then get hurried to pour all of your ideas. Don't you want to share a lot of benefits to others? So...don't wait or say later.

May Allah always make us easy to use our time well and keep us away from delaying habit.


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