You, who always burdens us with your work...don't you know that we feel forced by your request and command? It's totally not our duty. Why? Because you sit above there? So that you feel free to ask us doing anything you want? Without any consideration?
I write this since we cannot stand it any longer. It's such a pathetic that you behave like that. It is alright if you need some help. Because Allah asks us to help each other. However, what you've done are not kind of help. It's absolutelly cruel deeds.

You use your position so that we are not able to refuse. You often pretend not to know that we have objection on it. You just think that we do and acomplish it for you. What a shame.

That's alright we do your request and take your responsibility. But  don't you realize if you do it too often towards us, it cannot be tolerated anymore. Moreover you give no reward on it at all. We don't talk about the money. Although we deserve to get it since your request is too much. But is it so difficult for you to say "THANK YOU?" How come? In other hand, you often blame as well as scold us if we cannot complete your order well. Don't we do it based on your instruction? So why do you get us wrong? Oh...come on. It's wrong. It's not fair. For your information, we hurt so much. Unfortunatelly, we can't do anything because you are in charge and we are under you in this place.

I just want to remind you that every single thing you've done isn't free. Whether it's good or bad deeds. You will collect the result. Please behave yourself. Learn to carry the ball over your work. Aren't you afraid of our prayer? The ones who are always mistreated by you? Remember, our pray goes through the sky.

Please put everything based on its right and obligation. And be respect to others. Never misused your power over others' need. If you do good, we'll do the same to you even when you aren't around us. We shall maintain everything which belongs to you sincerely. No pretending in front of you while showing hatred behind you. May Allah guides you to the right way.

"Having a power does not mean that you are free to mistreat or ask others to carry your responsibility. Be wise and they will respect you without pretence."


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  1. i know little only of the mining... Hehehe

  2. Writting is a way to release the poison in your heart, expressing our dislike about something or someone, and you did it, elegantly. I guess it's time to move out and start the new one

    1. You know uncle, it's really a pleasure that u drop by here. Thanks a lot.

      Thanks for guiding us in odop to produce good works n the way to implement it. I best wishes for u a very clever, kind and low profile uncle

  3. Just little little thing meaning, i am understanding.

    But, aku tahu maksudnya.

    Thanks Mbak Rika tulisannya kece...😁

    1. Thakns sista...I wrote it on purpose since there are lots of complaint about this case around me which came from my friends