Fatih Seferagic

Actually, I have already known Fatih Seferagic a few years ago when I wanted to download "Murotal Alquran". At that time, I got interested to open one of the options provided; Murotal by Fatih Seferagic. MasyaAllah, his voice is so beautiful. It has succeded in touching my heart. I feel so comfortable everytime I play his murotal on my cellphone. Now he is visiting Indonesia and it makes me want to write about him. 

Fatih Seferagic is a true muslim man who was born in Germany on march 2nd, 1995. He lives in Houston Texas, The United States up to this time. It's really a proud that he is able to hold on his firm hearth in worshipping and maintaining Allah's religion in the middle of "Kuffar" environment. As the minority, of course it is not easy to perform the obligations as a muslim in a country which has hostile feeling towards Islam. 

I can state that he is really a religious man. It's a blessing that Allah SWT always be with him and protects him in an immoral surrounding. He is one of the muslims' proud, the Quran reciter. He tends to spend much of his time with the Holy Quran. He is the true friend of Alquran, insyaAllah. Subhanallah tabarakallah. As our Prophet SAW uttered: "The best among you is the one who learns Alquran and teaches it."

Besides clever at religion knowledges, Fatih Seferagic is also active in social life, he is the leader of mosque teenagers in Syaykh Yasir Birjal Dallas, Texas, and also join himself as a writer in an Islamic Site which mostly discusses about teen's problems. He inspires very much, right? Absolutely, he is good looking, a hafidz and still very young.  

This writing tries to motivate all my muslim brothers, especially me myself, in order to be more serious in reading and understanding the holy Quran. Moreover we live in a majority environment (muslim). The last but not least, I hope that the coming of  Fatih Seferagic to Indonesia will give significant influence towards young muslims way of life. To be more close and love the Quran. Allahumma aamiin.

"Let's get tired in dunya to reach the jannah"


Bandar Lampung, Novemeber 12th, 2016

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