For some people, new year is the time to do some contemplations, to re-arrange the previous planning, to improve the quality of life, to improve skill as well as achievements or make some delayed planning come true.

Being prompted to create some goals and frameworks for improving the quality of life is useful because it is hard to step back, evaluate and plan when we are insanly busy and stressed. And how to deal with the planning? Just make each day of your life be such a great day. Make it different. If you failed in reaching something for today, just make it better for the other days. Don't be easy to surrender. 

Frankly speaking, I do really like to write anything. I like to pour all of my thoughts and imaginations into a row of words. Writing is a way to appreciate anything exist in my mind, and of course to record some valuable moments in my life. Besides, through writing I can also share many things with people, share happiness, knowledges, experiences, and so on. And the last but not least, writing is such a best thing of a vow to outlive myself. 

One of my resolutions for this year is that I can produce a great work which deserves to be printed and published. I hope that I will have my own book. I pray to Allah that Allah will always guide me and give me the ability to produce a fenomenal work, which someday, can be in the same row with those famous writers. Aamiin

I know that it will not be as easy as ABC to make it real. It needs a process certainly. Therefore, I need to get in the habit of writing more frequently. I hope by doing this, gradually I can improve my writing skill and can give valuable contribution to the world through my writing.

Thanks a bunch to bang Syaiha, the founder of One Day One Post, who has given me the opportunity joining this group. It really helps me in training myself to produce a writing every single day, so that I can be more active in my blog now.

As the conclusion, the point of this year resolution in my writing dream is being a prolific writer (someday). But I do really hope that Allah will make it faster that I cannot imagine it. Aamiin


Bandar Lampung, 14 Januari 2017

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