Frankly, I get so disappointed with those students. Astaghfirullah, I know as a teacher, it is not good to say like this. However, this phenomena have disturbed my mind. I cannot stand it any longer. I must not let this happens continously. Let them act as what they want, as if they do not need the lessons and the knowledge. They act with no rules and no limitation. Moreover they look like impolite students toward teachers and give no attention to the materials given.

It is totally wrong if I ignore it; pretend to know nothing about the cases happen ahead my eyes. But what should I do then? They even pay no attention on my advice. They listen to me with apathy. I have tried my best indeed to turn them back into good students. However, it seems useless.

Ya Allah, please forgive me towards this grumble. I do not intend to say any bad things about them. But, You see ohh ya Allah, day to day, their attitudes and behaviour are far too much. They show no respect to others, belittle the lessons, and often put the blame on the teachers when their parents asking about their study (especially when they failed the lessons). They tend to say that the teachers cannot teach well and always get angry if they do not understand. As the result, parents will come to see the teachers and state their complaints; blame them directly without thinking it twice.

That is the fact, because it often occurs to some of my teacher friends either in school or education institutions. To those people who are called as parents, We know that you love your children so much. However, they are not perfect as human, right? So please do not accept their words without any consideration. Because in many cases I found, some students tend to be good and polite at home. Unfortunatelly, they seem out of control outside. It is so ironic, right? How come? Whose fault is this? Don't you realize it?

Let's fix this condition together. Students are our children either for their own parents or teachers. Let's save them from destruction before it is too late to overcome. Because, if we ignore it, we will not have good and high quality generations to build this country. They are part of this nation who will lead this country to its glory and prosperity. It is not a secret anymore that there are many people want to control us based on their own willingness and even want to take over this beloved country.


Bandar Lampung, 25 January 2017

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